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»We worked together with Anita at our HR Innovation Congress and can highly recommend her. A wonderful picture emerged which showed the most important contents in a creative manner. Anita knows how to filter the most important statements of a lecture, and with this, show the most significant learnings.«
Victoria Schmied
COO ÜBERALL Scene development

»At the "Südwind Academy 2014" we could experience over 4 days how the jointly developed contents and our process as a group were bit by bit vividly and colorfully displayed in real time. I thought it was interesting how our methodological focus (to film and cut videos) and the topic (nutrition) were weaved together and shown as a whole. In the end we received a compact and very impressive display of our contents. With this, Graphic Recording is very useful for summarizing, for common reflection at the end of an event and also for documentation. For people who haven’t experienced it yet: It’s worth trying it!«
David Horvath
Südwind – Developmental NGO

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»In international projects, partners from different countries with different mentalities and mother tongues work together. Therefore, communication is sometimes difficult and misunderstandings can happen.
The picture helped us a lot to find a common vision and method of the project. Pictures simply say more than words!«
DI Daniela Bischof
SIR – Salzburger Institut für
Raumordnung und Wohnen

»In a creative and spontaneous way, Anita regularly enhances our professional events and brings complex contents graphically to the point. The highlight of our cooperation until now was the visualization of "10 years karriere.at: with her drawings Anita has brought to life the ten years of the companies' history in a short video. Why do we like so much to work with Anita? Because it is absolutely uncomplicated and fun!«
Johanna Mayr, Christiane Altendorfer

»It was our first time we accompanied our yearly „Green Summer Academy“ with Graphic Recording and we could gain Anita Berner for that. Anita was confronted both with an unique setting (the roof hall in an old castle) and around 170 lively participants and did master this challenge in an outstanding way: The outcome after three intense days with different speakers, inputs and language cultures was a long "big picture", which not only could create context and give an overview but also provided for some cheerful moments for the so portrayed people. We will certainly have Graphic Recording as a fix component in our next big events. Thank you, Anita!«
Grüne Bildungswerkstatt Österreich

»Anita has given a workshop in our Coworking Space and impressed us with her charm and her skills. Due to her wonderful nature it was just fun to face personal limits and possibilities. Her visual expression is state of the art and we are already planning the next workshop with her.«
Iris Mayr
Axis Linz

»Graphic Recording was a new field to our office! Documentation of events had been offered to the participants as powerpointpresentations or pdf documents until then.
With her method Anita perfectly summarized the main contents of the event “an afternoon for voluntary engagement” which was full of speeches, workshops and a lot of interaction between participants. We are looking forward to more projects together with Anita!«
Mag. Wolfgang Schick
Land Salzburg – Kultur, Bildung und Gesellschaft