Scribble Video

With my college Lukas Uitz we are producing short video in scribble technique, suitable for presentations of simple products as well as for complex contents.

You send us the content, we take care of it and will create a video out of it.

Video: BestpreisAgrar Film 1

Video: MyElectric

Video: BestpreisAgrar Film 2

Video: Klimakompass Kärnten

Video: Forum Mobil

Video: Öffi-App

Video: Mobilitäts Masterplan

Video: ÖBB-Mitarbeiterbefragung 2016

Jetzt - Van der Bellen

Graphic Recording

On demand, I give beginners- and advanced courses with the topic Graphic Recording. The content ranges from easy drawing techniques to structuring complex contents and can be individually adapted to the group´s needs.

I am happy to come to your organisation to train your employees for the duration of hours up to two days.