What is

Graphic Recording is a visual documentation method, which is used to draw a picture protocol during lectures, workshops, conferences, presentations or meetings. The Graphic Recorder uses a big paper wall on one side of the room and simultaneously draws and writes while the meeting is underway.
In that way a "big picture" emerges during the event—a summary of what was being developed in the time together.


Who does not know the feeling of not being able to summarize what a presentation or lecture was about?

Graphic Recording can be a helpful means for that because: we think in pictures!

Instead of explaining parts and single aspects, an overview of the whole is shown.
Participants of the event can follow the progress of the meeting in real time and can talk with others about it. In that manner, the exchange between participants can be strengthened.

For what
is ist used?

Graphic Recording is used mainly when the topics dealt with are complex and hard to remember.

Mainly it is helpful when a diverse content should be delivered to a wide audience.