Anita Bernitz, MSc. (formerly Berner)

I got to know Graphic facilitation in my MSLS (Master in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability) as a method to facilitate the meaningful dialogue of groups. Inspired by this visual communication, I work as a self-employed visual facilitator, illustrator and graphic recorder.

My various degree programs in Brazil, Sweden and Austria allowed me to gain insight into multilateral topics and diverse environments. Through continuing education and training programs (Train the Trainer, Systematic Coach, Art of Hosting) I continue to widen my spectrum of work and expertise.

I work primarily in Austria, but also travel to Germany, Switzerland and other countries. Digitalization enables me to work independently of time and space.

I enjoy this work so much that often I forget time and space around me and in this practice I see lots of potential for meaningful process facilitation.

Environment and Social Affairs

 It is important for me to contribute to the quality of life of future generations and leave a minimal ecological footprint. To events, I strictly travel by public transport and/or bicycle. The pens I use are refillable and the paper is recycled.

Companies and organizations that contribute to the common good and don’t have the financial means receive special conditions.