• Petra Mathi

    Manager dm Drogeriemarkt

    “Anita accompanied us on our international strategy days. During these three days, an unbelievable big picture was created about the essential content and learnings of our day. Anita did a great job filtering out the highlights from the countless presentations, lectures and workshops. Since we are an international group were from 10 countries, graphic recording was a wonderful support for intercultural communication. The international participants were able to reflect on the days well with the help of pictures. Many thanks to Anita and definitely try it! It pays off!”

  • Lisa Hasenöhrl

    GIZ Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit

    “Information and data security? No topic was too complex for Anita to put down on paper during our digitization partner training with representatives from all over the world. During the training, which lasted several days, Anita accompanied us visually with a lot of charm and ease, so that ultimately a huge work of art was created for the training content. This was not only received with great enthusiasm by the participants, but was also photographed many times and used as a video background. It found its way around the world and is still used by colleagues today. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts Anita for this excellent cooperation and we are already looking forward to the next time you support us!”

  • Dagmar Tutschek

    Grüne Bildungswerkstatt Österreich

    “It was our first time we accompanied our yearly „Green Summer Academy“ with Graphic Recording and we could gain Anita Berner for that. Anita was confronted both with an unique setting (the roof hall in an old castle) and around 170 lively participants and did master this challenge in an outstanding way: The outcome after three intense days with different speakers, inputs and language cultures was a long “big picture”, which not only could create context and give an overview but also provided for some cheerful moments for the so portrayed people.

    We will certainly have Graphic Recording as a fix component in our next big events.

    Thank you, Anita!!”

  • Iris Mayr

    Axis Linz

    “Anita has given a workshop in our Coworking Space and impressed us with her charm and her skills. Due to her wonderful nature it was just fun to face personal limits and possibilities. Her visual expression is state of the art and we are already planning the next workshop with her.”

  • Johanna Mayr, Christiane Altendorfer

    “With her creative and spontaneous nature, Anita regularly enriches our specialist events and graphically gets to the heart of complex content. The highlight of our cooperation so far: – the visualization of 10 years of With our drawings, Anita has compressed our ten years of company history into a few minutes of video come to life. Why do we enjoy working with Anita so much? Because it’s totally uncomplicated and fun”.

  • Mag. Wolfgang Schick

    Abteilung 2 – Kultur, Bildung und Gesellschaft

    “Graphic Recording was a new field to our office! Documentation of events had been offered to the participants as powerpoint presentations or pdf documents until then.

    With her method Anita perfectly summarized the main contents of the event „an afternoon for voluntary engagement“ which was full of speeches, workshops and a lot of interaction between participants.

    We are looking forward to more projects together with Anita!”