Scribble Video – explanation video for your project

Together with my colleague, Lukas Bernitz, we produce explanation videos through Scribble Technique. The creative manner of a Scribble Video enables communicating simple as well as complex topics or products in a fun, visual and easy to understand way.

Through the basis of the conveyed information, we take care to create a storyboard and transform it into an entertaining video, in cooperation with professional speakers.

How to get to the
explanatory video?

1.  Get in Touch!
We are happy to receive your inquiry, be it vague or absurd. Contact

2.  Briefing and Offer
Should your video take 30 seconds or rather 2 minutes? We are happy to advise you on different options and the possible use cases of your explanatory video. Following the briefing session, we will provide you with a custom-made offer for your project.

3. Briefing – we ask questions, you provide the answers
Now it’s your turn. Describe the project more in depth. We take the time needed to pick  the essence out of your description through pointed questions and selective listening.

4. We take over the rest
With your provided content and wishes our creativity begins. We look for the right pictures and the matching wording to depict your story thorough the perfect mix of pictures and wording. Through a few feedback loops a storyboard is produced. After your approval we start the production and implement the storyboard into your readymade Scribble- Video